November 8th, 2008
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Fat Dan’s (Dojo-powered) Casino

Not too long ago, I helped O’Reilly Media with a little project involving the creation of a roulette game and a slot machine to support one of their Head First books. You can check out the hosted version of these games over at Fat Dan’s Casino.

Looking back, I feel like using sprites for the slot machine icons as opposed to using separate z-axis layers would have been a lot cleaner, but this didn’t occur to me until after the fact. This implementation detail is somewhat of a moot point since it doesn’t affect the UX, but I thought I’d mention it in case you decide to hack on the code a bit.

Also, if you’re running IE, be warned that if you don’t have Silverlight installed, the roulette wheel isn’t quite as nice as it could be because VML is the default renderer and it — well, the performance characteristics of IE’s VML implementation could be a lot better. Comparing a simple operation like spinning an image using IE’s VML to Safari’s SVG is just mind-blowing.

Have fun over at the casino.

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