January 17th, 2009
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Dojo, Now with Drawing Tools! (Linux Journal, Feb 09)

I was really excited when I got the Feb 09 issue of Linux Journal in the mail yesterday, because they did such a fantastic on laying out the article I put together on gfx, a module for cross-browser 2D drawing. It’s a fairly meaty nine page tutorial, there’s a ton of code examples in it (each with accompanying images that show you what the code examples produce) and overall, it’s clear that they really put some thought into making it look so nice in print.

Per my contracts with Linux Journal, I’m allowed to republish articles I write under an OSS license 30 days after they’ve been on newsstands, so once that time elapses, I’ll republish it here, just like I did for Using Dojo: The JavaScript Toolkit with Industrial Strength Mojo. But seriously — don’t let that dissuage you from paying the six bucks to get this February issue. It’s packed with great articles on web dev, and is one of my favorite issues in a long time.

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