September 2nd, 2011
Category: News, Vetted Links

Dojo: TDG — now free for everyone!

Great news — the full-text of Dojo: TDG is finally available online for free through the publisher’s Open Feedback Publishing System! Unfortunately, the text is getting to be a bit dated, but the book is now imported into a content management system that makes the text a little easier to maintain and push out updates.

Now that things are settling down from my Mining the Social Web hiatus, I’m hoping to find some folks from the Dojo community who would be interested in helping me to take an editing pass through the book, clean up outstanding errata, and get the book a little more up to date as part of an effort to transition maintenance of the book to the community through the Dojo Foundation. In other words, I’m trying to work out some arrangements that would provide a free online version of Dojo: TDG that’s continually updated and expanded as Dojo itself evolves. If you’re interested in helping, please get in touch!

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