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September 2nd, 2011 Comments Off
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Dojo: TDG — now free for everyone!

Great news — the full-text of Dojo: TDG is finally available online for free through the publisher’s Open Feedback Publishing System! Unfortunately, the text is getting to be a bit dated, but the book is now imported into a content management system that makes the text a little easier to maintain and push out updates.

Now that things are settling down from my Mining the Social Web hiatus, I’m hoping to find some folks from the Dojo community who would be interested in helping me to take an editing pass through the book, clean up outstanding errata, and get the book a little more up to date as part of an effort to transition maintenance of the book to the community through the Dojo Foundation. In other words, I’m trying to work out some arrangements that would provide a free online version of Dojo: TDG that’s continually updated and expanded as Dojo itself evolves. If you’re interested in helping, please get in touch!

July 1st, 2010 Comments Off

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Let’s Get a 2nd Edition

I’ve received a lot of unofficial feedback lately about why there isn’t a 2nd edition of the book on its way yet given that Dojo 1.5 is just around the corner and the code is fairly out of date. The short answer is that we need to motivate my publisher to believe that there’s enough value in publishing a second edition that it’s worth the trouble. Please retweet this status message or send them a message ( to let them know you’d be interested in updating your copy if you’d like to see this happen.

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World Development Indicators Data Visualized With Dojo + Google Chart Tools

You may have heard about the World Bank’s fairly recent release of the World Development Indicators data and the work they’re doing around open data in general. The WDI data is amazingly overwhelming because there’s simply so much of it, but it’s also extremely interesting and bound to be really useful if you have something specific you’re looking for. Checkout this simple charting visualization of the data that uses Dojo to trivially create nice auto-complete-enabled combo boxes and Google Chart Tools for the charting.

An example of one of the zillions of charts you can generate

This implementation is part of a more involved magazine article on hacking open data that will be republished here once it’s been run its course in print.

July 21st, 2009 Comments Off
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OSCON 2009 Materials Now Available

As promised this morning, I’ve made all of my materials for the 3 hour tutorial available under liberal licensing. All ~160 slides of them and accompanying code samples.

Also as promised, I removed the PHP dependencies for some of the server stuff and replaced it with a simple python server that uses cherrypy. You should hopefully have no problems getting the sample server to run. You should have no problems finding stuff on the net to help you get that setup if you have problems, but feel free to comment here as well. Additionally be sure to skim the README in there.

You can get the materials here.

Thanks again to everyone who attended. I hope that you were exposed to some of the great tools that Dojo can bring to the user experiences you are creating and that these slides are sufficiently succinct that they are a help to you. While they don’t cover everything in my book, they really do cover a lot of it…more than enough to get you pretty darn proficient.

Finally, remember that we’re having the tomorrow here in San Jose at 7pm. Please don’t miss it.

July 14th, 2009 5 Comments »
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Interest count for event at OSCON next week

Update: We have some interest, and I’ll advertise this event at my Dojo tutorial on Tuesday, so anyone who is interested should pencil in Wednesday, 22 July @ 7pm. Venue: O’Flaherty’s. From the map, it looks to be easily accessible from the conference.

Anyone want to get together for a event at OSCON next week? Basically, a event is just a little get together to talk some shop about what’s happening with Dojo, Ajax, the open web, etc. whilst refreshing oneself with dinner and a few beers in good company.

Any preferences for Wednesday, July 22 versus Thursday, July 23?

Recommendations for venue in the San Jose area?

Please, chime in below or throw out a holla to @dojotdg and/or @dojobeer.

July 11th, 2009 1 Comment »

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Dojo: TDG – Now In Russian

I’m sure you can image my reaction when I checked the mail yesterday and discovered my book…only in a Russian translation…all ~500 pages of it. Wow! It’s too bad I don’t speak a lick of Russian or even know anything about the language. Maybe now is the time to start learning a few things…
I’ve always curious about how good translations of technical books turn out and would love to hear about the quality of the translation from anyone who end up picking up a copy. I would provide a link to where you can buy the translated version, but I’m not having any luck finding one just yet.
If anyone who speaks Russian will be at OSCON week after next, look me up!
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Dojo Tips and Tricks

Many months ago, I wrote an article for InsideRIA that provided a topical look at some of the more useful things that Dojo provides you entitled Dojo Tips and Tricks. I’d actually forgotten that I even wrote the article so it was a surprise when a colleague wrote me earlier this morning and mentioned it.

It’s a bit more diverse than some drive-by-tutorials in that it digs into DojoX just a little bit and mentions the build system, so even if you’ve been using some of the core tools for a while now, you may still learn a few things from a quick read.

In between the time when the article was finished and now, Dojo has since updated to version 1.3 so you’ll unfortunately see a few CDN URLs that point to version 1.2; however, upgrading the URLs shouldn’t break anything. The latest and greatest is usually a great place to start, so I always encourage folks to stay up to date.

If you’re coming to OSCON this summer, be sure to drop by my 3 hour tutorial for a closer look at many of the great tools that Dojo provides.

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Dojo’s Industrial-Strength Grid Widget (Linux Journal, Jun 09)

The latest, greatest copy of Linux Journal features a great primer I put together on Dojo’s really fab grid widget! The content was written a couple of months before the 1.3 release, but the code examples still work just fine with the latest version of 1.2. I start out by briefly introducing some fundamentals and then show how the grid leverages these data APIs to do a lot of nifty things.

In early July, I’ll be allowed to reprint the article’s full content here under the terms of a free documentation license, and when that time comes, I’ll make sure it’s updated to work with the latest version of 1.3. In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the June edition of Linux Journal and make some time to get up close and personal with the grid widget.

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3 Hour Dojo Tutorial at OSCON in San Jose

If you’re coming out to OSCON this summer, be sure to drop in for my 3 hour Dojo tutorial that will add bit of kick to your web dev skills. I’ll lightly cover as much breadth as possible so that you have an appreciation for just how much is packed away in the toolkit, but we’ll certainly dig headfirst into especially interesting and fundamental areas of interest as well so that you have a firm grasp on those things you won’t want to live without.

If there are topics you’d like to see covered in particular, feel free to leave comments below, and I’ll do my best to make sure that they aren’t missed. Hope to see you there.

March 5th, 2009 Comments Off

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For You Twitterers Out There

This is just a quick note for you twitterers out there: you can now follow dojotdg if that’s a more convenient way to keep up with new happenings than keeping an eye on your feed reader.

While we’re talking about Twitter, I might also add that you should take a moment to follow dojotoolkit if you’re not already doing so. Whereas dojotdg is who you’d follow for specific content that’s somehow related to my book and posted here on this blog, dojotoolkit is who you’d follow for “all things Dojo”. There’s potentially some overlap there, so follow both of us, and call it good.