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Dojo: TDG — now free for everyone!

Great news — the full-text of Dojo: TDG is finally available online for free through the publisher’s Open Feedback Publishing System! Unfortunately, the text is getting to be a bit dated, but the book is now imported into a content management system that makes the text a little easier to maintain and push out updates.

Now that things are settling down from my Mining the Social Web hiatus, I’m hoping to find some folks from the Dojo community who would be interested in helping me to take an editing pass through the book, clean up outstanding errata, and get the book a little more up to date as part of an effort to transition maintenance of the book to the community through the Dojo Foundation. In other words, I’m trying to work out some arrangements that would provide a free online version of Dojo: TDG that’s continually updated and expanded as Dojo itself evolves. If you’re interested in helping, please get in touch!

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Dojo’s Industrial-Strength Grid Widget (Linux Journal Reprint)

As I was finishing up my slides for the 3 hour Dojo tutorial at OSCON tomorrow, I remembered that I hadn’t posted the source for the Linux Journal article on Dojo’s fab DataGrid that ran in the June 2009 issue. Fortunately for me, Linux Journal posted the source online for this one, so I’ll just go ahead and point you there instead of reproducing that work. It’s laid out nicely, so I hope you enjoy.

If you’re at OSCON, please come out to the on Wednesday at 7pm and hang out with some of us. I’m here all week, so feel free to look me up if you want to chat about anything.

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Dojo Tips and Tricks

Many months ago, I wrote an article for InsideRIA that provided a topical look at some of the more useful things that Dojo provides you entitled Dojo Tips and Tricks. I’d actually forgotten that I even wrote the article so it was a surprise when a colleague wrote me earlier this morning and mentioned it.

It’s a bit more diverse than some drive-by-tutorials in that it digs into DojoX just a little bit and mentions the build system, so even if you’ve been using some of the core tools for a while now, you may still learn a few things from a quick read.

In between the time when the article was finished and now, Dojo has since updated to version 1.3 so you’ll unfortunately see a few CDN URLs that point to version 1.2; however, upgrading the URLs shouldn’t break anything. The latest and greatest is usually a great place to start, so I always encourage folks to stay up to date.

If you’re coming to OSCON this summer, be sure to drop by my 3 hour tutorial for a closer look at many of the great tools that Dojo provides.

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Navigating Source Code with ack

I’m an enthusiastic user of vim, so when you combine how much time I already spend in a terminal with the fact that it’s usually faster for me to look up something in Dojo’s source than reading the API docs, the quicker I can find what I need, the better.

Earlier this week, the O’Reilly Week In Review podcast asked me for a “tech tip”, so I thought I’d share a quick blurb about ack, a nifty little replacement for grep that has saved me tons of time in getting from vim to whatever it is I’m looking for in the source. The blurb is just a few seconds into the podcast and lasts less than two minutes, so go have a listen if you could use a better way to find things from the command line.

November 10th, 2008 1 Comment »

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OSCON ’08 Video Interview

I just noticed that sometime last week, a video interview where I talk about Dojo was added to my book’s catalog page. Aside from mispronouncing MochiKit (a colleague told me just a few weeks ago that it’s really supposed to be pronounced mo-chee-kit, not mo-key-kit) and briefly losing my train of thought in trying to explain the parameters of dojo._Animation (note to self: review 4th grade math book), there may be some good details in there if you’re new to Dojo.

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Read It on Google Books

It just occurred to me that it was worth pointing out that Google Books offers a limited preview of my book, which may be hady if you need to look something up, don’t have your paper copy nearby, and for some reason didn’t opt to buy the full PDF version of the book from the O’Reilly catalog. Interestingly, it seems that you can read a lot more of the book on Google Books than on the Safari preview; go figure.

Of course, there are plenty of torrents out there too if you’re more in the stealing mood, but I would point out that you’d probably be at a light disadvantage if you were that desperate, because there was a second print run last month that corrected known errata at the time. The old pirated versions of the book may not be easily distinguishable from the updated version, and well, I wouldn’t want you to blame me for b0rken code examples or anything, so I’d encourage just purchasing the PDF from the catalog.

Actually, it’s somewhat unclear to me if Google Books updates their data with newer printings, so you may just want to opt for the O’Reilly PDF if you start finding the electronic version handy enough that you access it more than a few times a day.

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Fat Dan’s (Dojo-powered) Casino

Not too long ago, I helped O’Reilly Media with a little project involving the creation of a roulette game and a slot machine to support one of their Head First books. You can check out the hosted version of these games over at Fat Dan’s Casino.

Looking back, I feel like using sprites for the slot machine icons as opposed to using separate z-axis layers would have been a lot cleaner, but this didn’t occur to me until after the fact. This implementation detail is somewhat of a moot point since it doesn’t affect the UX, but I thought I’d mention it in case you decide to hack on the code a bit.

Also, if you’re running IE, be warned that if you don’t have Silverlight installed, the roulette wheel isn’t quite as nice as it could be because VML is the default renderer and it — well, the performance characteristics of IE’s VML implementation could be a lot better. Comparing a simple operation like spinning an image using IE’s VML to Safari’s SVG is just mind-blowing.

Have fun over at the casino.

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10 Helpings of Dojo Goodness

About halfway through the authoring process of Dojo: The Definitive Guide, I started writing a semi-regular column entitled “Dojo Goodness” that I ran on the O’Reilly Network’s ONLamp site. The gist of the column was to provide short, useful tutorials on various facets of the toolkit that you could put to work right away.

In a lot of ways, this site picks up right where that column left off, except that I hope to provide a lot more value to you through screencasts, links to sample code, etc. In many ways, think of this site as the new and improved version of that column. I have some content I’m working up that I think you’re really going to enjoy, but in the meantime, I wanted to link back to a roundup of the “Dojo Goodness” columns I’ve already written for the sake of continuity.

In a nutshell, here’s the series so far: