As this site grows, I hope that it is able to help you tread right through the litany of problems you’re bound to experience as you progress through the development cycle of that awesome web app that’s going to add so much value to your business. In fact, it’s my whole mission to provide as much free content as possible to help you, and if I’m doing my job reasonably well, you’ll regularly be able to come here to digest engaging content that will educate and help you steer clear of the pitfalls that will inevitably come you way.

But when you do get stumped or need more help than my book or this site is able to provide, do know that I offer a variety of affordable services on virtually all aspects of building web applications through my consulting firm, Zaffra. At Zaffra, we have a proven track record, great customer service, technical prowess, and we’ll do whatever it takes to earn your business if you give us a shout.