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July 14th, 2009 5 Comments »
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Interest count for event at OSCON next week

Update: We have some interest, and I’ll advertise this event at my Dojo tutorial on Tuesday, so anyone who is interested should pencil in Wednesday, 22 July @ 7pm. Venue: O’Flaherty’s. From the map, it looks to be easily accessible from the conference.

Anyone want to get together for a event at OSCON next week? Basically, a event is just a little get together to talk some shop about what’s happening with Dojo, Ajax, the open web, etc. whilst refreshing oneself with dinner and a few beers in good company.

Any preferences for Wednesday, July 22 versus Thursday, July 23?

Recommendations for venue in the San Jose area?

Please, chime in below or throw out a holla to @dojotdg and/or @dojobeer.