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Read It on Google Books

It just occurred to me that it was worth pointing out that Google Books offers a limited preview of my book, which may be hady if you need to look something up, don’t have your paper copy nearby, and for some reason didn’t opt to buy the full PDF version of the book from the O’Reilly catalog. Interestingly, it seems that you can read a lot more of the book on Google Books than on the Safari preview; go figure.

Of course, there are plenty of torrents out there too if you’re more in the stealing mood, but I would point out that you’d probably be at a light disadvantage if you were that desperate, because there was a second print run last month that corrected known errata at the time. The old pirated versions of the book may not be easily distinguishable from the updated version, and well, I wouldn’t want you to blame me for b0rken code examples or anything, so I’d encourage just purchasing the PDF from the catalog.

Actually, it’s somewhat unclear to me if Google Books updates their data with newer printings, so you may just want to opt for the O’Reilly PDF if you start finding the electronic version handy enough that you access it more than a few times a day.