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July 21st, 2009 Comments Off
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OSCON 2009 Materials Now Available

As promised this morning, I’ve made all of my materials for the 3 hour tutorial available under liberal licensing. All ~160 slides of them and accompanying code samples.

Also as promised, I removed the PHP dependencies for some of the server stuff and replaced it with a simple python server that uses cherrypy. You should hopefully have no problems getting the sample server to run. You should have no problems finding stuff on the net to help you get that setup if you have problems, but feel free to comment here as well. Additionally be sure to skim the README in there.

You can get the materials here.

Thanks again to everyone who attended. I hope that you were exposed to some of the great tools that Dojo can bring to the user experiences you are creating and that these slides are sufficiently succinct that they are a help to you. While they don’t cover everything in my book, they really do cover a lot of it…more than enough to get you pretty darn proficient.

Finally, remember that we’re having the tomorrow here in San Jose at 7pm. Please don’t miss it.

July 14th, 2009 5 Comments »
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Interest count for event at OSCON next week

Update: We have some interest, and I’ll advertise this event at my Dojo tutorial on Tuesday, so anyone who is interested should pencil in Wednesday, 22 July @ 7pm. Venue: O’Flaherty’s. From the map, it looks to be easily accessible from the conference.

Anyone want to get together for a event at OSCON next week? Basically, a event is just a little get together to talk some shop about what’s happening with Dojo, Ajax, the open web, etc. whilst refreshing oneself with dinner and a few beers in good company.

Any preferences for Wednesday, July 22 versus Thursday, July 23?

Recommendations for venue in the San Jose area?

Please, chime in below or throw out a holla to @dojotdg and/or @dojobeer.

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3 Hour Dojo Tutorial at OSCON in San Jose

If you’re coming out to OSCON this summer, be sure to drop in for my 3 hour Dojo tutorial that will add bit of kick to your web dev skills. I’ll lightly cover as much breadth as possible so that you have an appreciation for just how much is packed away in the toolkit, but we’ll certainly dig headfirst into especially interesting and fundamental areas of interest as well so that you have a firm grasp on those things you won’t want to live without.

If there are topics you’d like to see covered in particular, feel free to leave comments below, and I’ll do my best to make sure that they aren’t missed. Hope to see you there.